Our partners and references

Our Partners

South Ural State University  (https://www.susu.ru/en)
BCDC Energia (https://www.bcdcenergia.fi/en/)

JM-Suomi Oy (https://jmoy.fi/about-us/)

Ville Co Oy (https://www.villeco.fi/)

ELC Finland
Ekolämmöx Oy (https://www.ekolammox.fi/)

Northern Nature Energy (https://www.nn-energy.fi/)

Doranova Oy

ERI RAS (https://www.aeapresnow.com/)


ENERGO trading

ERI-RAS Russia



  • Biogas in Ukraine report
  • Energy cloud applications in electricity markets (https://www.bcdcenergia.fi/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Pekka_Sulamaa_Survey_of_Energy_Cloud_applications_in_electricity_markets.pdf)
  • Pre-study: Heat options to a large housing project in Pasila (Helsinki)
  • Energy calculation for heat options to a large housing project in Finnoo, Espoo, Finland.
  • Review article with Fedor Veselov on Russian electricity capacity market.Energy calculation for Heat options to a large housing project in Puustellinkallio, Espoo, Finland.
  • Consulting to NERA Ltd. on Finnish gas market.
  • Co-writer to report: Economic analysis of the ETS Market Stability Reserve effects on Finnish electricity price, Prime Minister's office ( https://vnk.fi/julkaisu?pubid=6504 )
  • Renewable energy in Russia (https://www.centrumbalticum.org/files/1906/BSR_policy_briefing_3_2013.pdf)


Our Services

  • Energy-Economic analysis (especially Nordic and Russian electricity markets)
  • Data and news provision on Russian electricity markets
  • Energy related analysis for construction projects (pre studies such as dynamic energy need simulation)
Sulamaa Consulting Oy, Alankotie 36c, Järvenpää 
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